Mobile Phones in School

Mobile Phones in School


There is a lot of debate on whether mobile phones should be allowed in schools or not. While there are many who feel that having mobile phones in school can be distracting, others argue that they can be used for educational purposes. A student’s education will not suffer simply because he or she has a mobile phone with them at all times. It may actually help them, as it has more uses than just for calling and texting.

Here are some benefits of allowing students to use their mobile phones in the classroom:

Help students learn about digital literacy

They can also be used for educational purposes, such as watching videos or doing research. Phones can also help students stay connected with their parents.

Improve communication

They allow students to research and learn more about the world. Teachers or tutors should create a policy for using phones in class that makes it easy for them to be accessible when needed, while also being turned off during classroom time.

Allow students to easily access information

They can be used for educational purposes, such as watching videos or doing research. Phones in the classroom also allow students to stay connected with their parents and make them feel less lonely or anxious about their education.

Provide additional learning materials

They make it easier for students to access real-time information and images. They can also be used as a tool by teachers, who could send homework or lesson guidelines through them.

Bringing a mobile phone to the school, on the other hand, also has some disadvantages.

Here are some disadvantages of allowing mobile in schools

Less physical activities

Students’ interest in sports and extracurricular activities will be reduced if mobile phones are allowed in schools. The appealing games and apps on the phone will keep them occupied.

Less interaction with others

If students remain glued to the screen during breaks, they may hinder communication with their teachers and classmates.

So, should mobile phones be allowed in schools? The answer certainly is dependent on the school itself. If they lay certain ground rules of using mobile phones in school and make sure the rules are followed properly, then yes certainly the schools should allow students to carry mobile phones with them. Many people have different opinions on this.

Here’s what some people have to say on the matter: 

Arguments For Allowing Mobile Phones In Schools
  • Phones can be used for educational purposes, such as researching information or accessing resources for online learning.
  • They can also help students who are studying away from home to stay in touch with their families.
  • If phones are banned, students will find ways to smuggle them into school anyway, so it’s better to have a policy in place that allows them.
Arguments Against Allowing Mobile Phones In Schools
  • They can be a distraction in class, as students can use them to text or play games instead of paying attention to the teacher.
  • If they are lost or stolen, it can be difficult to retrieve them.
  • They can also be used to cheat on exams.


Cellphones are a part of student’s life outside the classroom as well. Banning mobile phones in schools is not the answer, as they can be very beneficial to students when used correctly. Allowing mobile phones in school with some restrictions will help keep students safe and allow them to focus on their education. If schools ban them, students will find ways to smuggle them in. It is better to have a policy that allows phones in a controlled way. Rather than trying to keep them out completely, they could serve their purpose within an educational setting too if there were ways that showed students how to use. So, what do you think? Should mobile phones be allowed in schools? Let us know in the comments below!

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