Importance of teachers during the pandemic

Importance of teachers during the pandemic

“A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops.”

Henry Adams [1]

The homo-sapiens, right from a young age are constantly influenced by the people around us. Even as we grow older, a lot of our thoughts and beliefs stem from the environment and people in our lives. Our very identity is a confluence of influences.  This is true more so of students because the environment during formative years greatly impacts their personality and character. A teacher’s role, therefore, becomes foundational to how we evolve holistically as individuals besides our future learning and development.

Let us look at 5 ways in which teachers impact our lives, by taking on multiple roles –

Teachers as influencers

The teachers are the main influencers because students spend a considerable part of their lives with them. Teachers tend to make an invisible impact in inspiring and motivating them to excel both in academic and personal growth. They play not just the role of mentors but also role models.

Teachers as our second parents

Teachers play a key role in imparting the right moral values that are key to our growth and complement the efforts of our parents. The foundational values that teachers impart to us are ones we carry forward for the rest of our lives. Critical values like empathy and responsibility are taught along with History and Geography. According to a study conducted by Seed scientific, 88% of people believe that teachers have played a significant role in their life.[2]

Teachers as mentors

A teacher-student relationship goes much past the boundaries of education. As mentors, they handhold students all through their professional lives and help them in making the right career choices, picking the best institutions for the chosen careers, and play a significant role in turning aspirations into success.

Teachers as friends

A good bonhomie develops over time between teachers and students creating an ambiance sans fear for students to be open about the pain points or weak areas.  This will help them correct any mistakes that they are not comfortable sharing freely with their parents.

Teachers as resource persons

Teachers are constantly driven by inquisitive questions by students and so they play a critical role in being learners themselves so that they are well prepared to satiate the knowledge thirst of the students.

Unfortunately, for many, it had to take a pandemic to make them realize the value and role of teachers in their lives. The pandemic created barriers and disrupted the educational ecosystem overnight. The way our teachers can now influence us has changed and students are adversely impacted. While, in an offline classroom, the teachers have more control over the environment, influence in an online medium is now directed towards facilitation rather than impact. Even under challenging conditions, Dynamind has put its best foot forward in designing an online portal that can recreate the impact by overcoming the challenges resulting from the pandemic to a great extent.

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